Incubator Shakers

Brand New Incubator Shakers

Max 500rpm with 80°C, RS-232, USB & Convenience Functions



Incubator Shakers also known as Environmental Shakers, are designed for heavy workload and long term, continuous service. Available in various temperature ranges and agitation speeds to suit specific environmental conditions for cell culture applications. They offer good capacity and optimum environmental conditions including temperature, agitation and time.

We offer a wide selection of Incubator Shakers, including small bench-top units, medium chamber stackable units and large floor standing units.  They offer :

Smart Self Control 

  • Actual value error monitoring for set RPM/Temp.
  • Automatically adjust RPM for instability occurs
  • Platform fault detection
  • Real time control
  • Auto run function 

LCD Touch Controller 

  • Intuitive touch screen LCD controller 
  • Independent operation controller
  • Control lock function
  • Real-time displayed set rpm/temp. with actual values
  • Operation, error and other information displayed

Incubator Shakers (Bench-top Models)

These Incubator Shakers combine a bench-top digital incubator/refrigerator with a dual-action shaking system (Orbital & Reciprocal motion). Work is easily observed through the transparent lid and the gas-sprung lid allows for easy and smooth sample loading and unloading. The bench-top models fulfil a variety of molecular biology, general incubation and cell culture applications.


Incubator Shakers (Floor Standing Models)

These large and heavy capacity floor model shakers feature rapid heating and cooling performance. It offers advanced shaking for heavy workloads with a flask of up to a maximum of 4 x 6L.

The exclusive drive mechanism with ergonomic design delivers years of trouble-free service.


Incubator Shakers (Chamber Models)

The Chamber Models are specifically designed to be double-stacked on the floor or located on lab benches for space saving. The multi-purpose incubator shakers feature a wide range of temperature control and large chamber volume, and the two adjustable shelves provide added incubating or sample storage space