BioSpherix CytoCentric System


In contrast to conventional cell culture and processing in open incubators and open hoods, the Xvivo System consists of :

Modular sets of closed incubators and closed hoods, all integrated together as co-chambers and sub-chambers.

Modularity allows an infinite variety of different configurations.

All are completely closed, with aseptic conditions throughout, and advanced controls wherever needed.

Microscopes, centrifuges, sorters, and all other common cell tools can be integrated as well. For the first time, cell needs can be met by one efficient system.


CLOSED HOODS with integrated incubation chambers are the key design feature. Incubators open only into aseptic space. Contamination risk is dramatically lower. Hood is also controlled with all cell parameters, same as incubator. When cells are removed from the incubator, they experience no disruption in temperature or CO2, pH, O2, etc. Technicians work comfortably in soft flexible clear plastic gloved windows, isolated from cells.


CLOSED “LAB BENCH” End view looking down through several interconnected Xvivo processing chambers. Processing and manipulating cells, whether manually or automatically, is done the same way as an open lab bench or inside conventional open BSL hood. Difference is superior conditions for cells in Xvivo System.


MODULAR & SCALABLE The above Xvivo System displays the unique ability to expand and change focus as your research progresses. Easily add a microscope chamber, buffer chamber and safety hood as needed.

Parameters you can control using Xvivo compares to conventional equipment :


Xvivo System modularity means you can invest with confidence. Start small and expand as necessary. Reconfigure if your needs change. No dead ends.

Xvivo System can grow with you. Modularity allows you to invest in just what you need now, and then add to it later when your needs change or expand.


  • STEP ONE: Starter system with one closed hood for culture processing and one incubation chamber on end.
  • STEP TWO: Same starter system: moved incubator to back wall, added a microscope chamber (open and contiguous with culture processing chamber), and another processing chamber for second technician and 3rd party equipment like cell separator, colony picker, plate reader, etc.
  • STEP THREE: Added 12 additional incubation chambers (8 in one hood, 4 in the other) for a new total of 13, each independently controlled, and added a couple of small laminar flow clean hoods one at each end. Modularity means you will never be limited.