Micro Ultracentrifuge

 150.000 RPM Micro Ultracentrifuge Hitachi Tabletop or FloorModel


Model CS150NX features a re-engineering drive shaft to produce speeds of 150,000 rpm and a RCF of 1,050,000 xg. Simple operations allow users to easily separate and purify proteins, DNA, RNA, viruses, as well as carbon nanotubes and nano-sized particles.


Reliable Drive Unit

The CS150NX only takes 90 seconds to reach the world’s fastest speed 150,000rpm by himac original vacuumed drive unit.

Imbalance Protection System

Samples need to be balanced within 5mm by visual check only.  A non-contact imbalance sensor monitors vibration of the rotor and drive shaft. In the event of unexpected vibrations the Imbalance Protection System activates and ceases operation immediately.

Self-Locking Rotor System

Self-Locking Rotor SystemInstalling and removing a rotor has never been simpler. Place the rotor on the drive shaft and thats it. The rotor is automatically locked by centrifugal force. There is no need for screws, tools, or buttons.

Simplified Operation with Touch Screen Controls

Simplified Operation with Touch Screen ControlsA color touch screen LCD with graphic user interface simplifies user operation by using universal icons. High contrast text and buttons on a black color background makes user system recognition easy.

Quiet Operation of 45 dbA

Quiet Operation of 45 dbAJust louder than a whisper, the CS150NX can attribute its quiet operation to rigid-control drive system and sound absorbing structure design.

Easy Timer Setting and Actual Run Timer

The himac original RTC (real-time control) function makes timer setting easy. Simply set the start time or finish time along with running time.  It is easier than conventional delay time setting timer.

The himac original Actual Run Timer starts when the setpoint speed is attained and excludes acceleration time from the set time.  It helps to precisely control the net run-time and obtain high-reproducibility separation. Of course, conventional run timer is selectable.

User Administration with Password Protection

Control users by registering them to the system with different access levels and passwords.


Biosafety Option

Biosafety OptionIn order to prevent from exhausting bio-hazardous samples into the laboratory, a micro-filter can be assembled in a vaccum line as an option.